Friday 21st December 2012, The Moon & Days Of Rain

Posted by John-Clipsters-803 on Dec. 31, 2012

Friday 21st December 2012, The Galactic Alignment will also cause a gravity alignment the like that we have never seen. This did happen before in our distant past, Noahs flood was caused by this same event in the past. We are going to go through that same renewal and it will effect the same areas of earth that it did in Noahs time. Well its time to adjust and be ready, for Dec 21st 2012 is nearly upon us. Areas that may be effected by heavy rain into 2013, North Africa, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon if tidal surge happens the same as Noah times, possibly Syria and Jordan. Music in video is Obsetion by Beatdocks http-// licence - http-//

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