Freshly Baked Dog Biscuits made with 100% Natural Ingredients.

Posted by carlosem on Jun. 18, 2010 ,Freshly Baked Dog Biscuits made with 100% Natural Ingredients. Your dog depends on you for proper dog nutrition. Dogs live longer with better food. B3 Freshly Baked Dog Biscuits specializes in making organic and all natural Dog Treats. Our freshly baked dog biscuits delicios. b3dogs is our company. dog treats are our passion. The dog biscuits we sell are the best. They are organic dog treats good for your dogs health. The dog treats are all natural. Its a unique dog food. We also sell dog jewelry, or bark bling, dog charms, dog decor, dog fashion and dog accessories. We sell dog treats and dog jewelry in miamis organic farmer markets. Our dog jewelry is special and unique.

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