Fresh! is a teen sitcom set on a UK university campus on Freshers Week. If there’s one period that defines ‘coming-of-age’, it’s Freshers Week. There’s no time in your life when you can cut the past loose, rewrite the rules – redefine ‘me’. It’s a time of aspiration and promise. It’s the beginning of life, proper. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. Independence. This is a myth-busting show that takes place on one of life’s great frontiers: the point where adolescence meets the real world – adulthood at last coming into bloom – along with all its possibilities. Fresh! takes us through that infamous week where our starring trio Danny, Shane, and Becky – plus friends – find out the reality behind the myths for themselves. Produced by Greenroom Entertainment, Fresh! raises the bar for internet production. It is the first comedy commissioned by the BBC’s new online teen platform, BBC Switch. It will broadcast online from 6th September 2008 (one new episode every week)