Freefall Attempt From The Edge of Space Announced

Posted by tvcgroup on Jan. 23, 2010

NEW YORK, FRIDAY 22 JANUARY 2010: World renowned skydiver and B.A.S.E. jumper Felix Baumgartner reveals a stratospheric mission, Red Bull Stratos; a mission that will see Baumgartner leap from the edge of space at 120,000 feet in an attempt to be the first person to break the speed of sound with their body.In 1960, United States Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger, made aerospace history by freefalling from 102,800 feet. This achievement contributed valuable data that set the groundwork for the United States’ first space program. Kittinger has been advising Felix on operational safety and bringing his extensive experience to the programme. Over the intervening half-century, many have since tried to surpass Colonel Joe Kittinger’s accomplishment but none have succeeded, and some have died in the attempt.Felix is known for his boundary breaking projects such as freefalling across the English Channel wearing a winged suit and breaking the world record for the highest parachute dive from a building when he ... D

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