Free xbox 360 elite

Posted by Pwoody11 on Aug. 01, 2008

1. Click this link: 2. Sign Up(must sign up under this exact hacked link in order for this to work!!!! very important. If it asks, choose "Referral" type it is the easiest. 3. Complete an offer(very impmportant you do this) doesn't matter if you cancel just remember to get the credit for it before you cancel. Once you log-in to your newly created account, there is an "Offers" tab at the top. Click it and you'll see a page with a listing of various advertiser's offers. Choose whatever offer you want. There are several pages and you only have to complete ONE!! You may want to clear cookies in order to recieve credit for offer before you complete it. Offers that require a credit card:(***CANCEL all of them before the free trail is over***) You can use a Visa Gift Card. I highly recommend to use one, Mastercard Gift Cards are good as well, but don't forget to cancel before you get charged and after you get credit. I like these two the best --S

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