Free Wii Points Games NOT A SCAM

so i decided to make a video showing the free stuff that i got, and obviously to make referrals. :d go here to check it out. honestly, this place is amazing. who wouldnt want free stuff? and now i can get things from ebay (my dad never let me -__-') i ordered the hello kitty cell phone thing since it was cheap and to see if i could trust prizerebel 100%, and because i liked it of course 8). but anyway, on prizerebel you choose from free offers and complete them. they ask for some information, i would suggest putting fake but realistic info. :p definately an alternate email, because they will spam you. only put your real info on prizerebel. they wont spam you. (make sure you complete what prizerebel asks for on the offer or you wont get credited; i always do a little more just to make sure) just save up your points and choose either from the prizes they have or anything you want from ebay or amazon. 8). awesome, huh?