Free running fails

Posted by coreyjb98 on Aug. 05, 2011

This is going to be the hardest hitting, most epic, most painful, Bad @$$ fail, Free running video We have done yet! Contrary to the lyrics the people in the video will not soon be running circles around you, chasing cars up and down the avenue, or be moving on from this at all. However they definately feel it running through their bones and it was definately NOT enough. For all of you sitting at home who have never done this before and thinking i can do this no problem., you are wrong. No matter how hard these guys failing makes it look, it is not easy. Both Parkour and Free running are very difficult, and yes, very different. any of you who say that they are the same... you are horribly wrong. Several of the people in this video are real troopers just for the fact that they continue to try... even if they end up owning themselves. Remember folks, More views + Subscriptions = More videos. Disclaimer- Both Video and Audio are propperty of thier respective parties, not that of BHK Productions.

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