Free PS3 offer no credit card needed

Posted by nick_8807 on Nov. 03, 2009

Want a free PS3 Slim? Sure who doesnt, i will show you how to get one free, no credit card needed. First off the site is legit, CNN and G4 both have had shows proven it is. Second i have done two of their other offers alreadyand recieved my ps3 and xbox 360, so i no it works. Ok here is how to do it.1) Go to this site create an account.2) After you have made your account you go to the offer page. Complete one of the offers. There are plenty of options some are free some are small fees. They are easy to cancel at any time. If you would prefer not to use a credit card simply go to Level B offers and do 2 ringtone offers (pts must add up to 50) Now join the service and wait to recieve confirmation on your credit. When this happens simply cancel the rintone service and you will be charged nothing.3) Now all you have to do is find some friends to do the same... This can be any friends of family, you can blog, post, or even make your own video... This is not that hard

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