FREE mobile phone calls.Make local, long distance and internatio

Posted by Constantin-Duduveche-640 on Nov. 24, 2011

http-// GreenWin Network offer you UNLIMITED FREE mobile phone calls.Make local, long distance and international calls for FREE.You can make free calls to anyone in the Green Win Network who has also signed up for the GWN Telecoms Service.And you can save even more money with discounted calls to numbers not yet registered with GWN Telecoms. You can even invite all of the contacts in your telephone book instantly.We even give you a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL.You also share in our revenues when anyone in your referral network subscribes to our services. 2. Simply Broadcast... Now anyone can host and attend live ONLINE meetings, demos and webinars using just a web browser. Save money, time and travel by instantly sharing documents, web pages, whiteboards, audio, video -- even record your events -- with no software to install. Just some of the features- • Amazingly easy to use • Instant access; instant meetings • One click to share your- o Microphone & Webcam o Compute

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