Freds Franks

Posted by hungrynation on Dec. 03, 2009

The windows were rolled down as we pulled off at I-128s exit 40 in Wakefield, MA and as soon as we hit the off ramp my little car was filled with the smells of charcoal and hot dogs. A beautiful smell if I do say so myself. Order a link and Fredll first hand you the bun to fill up with your favorite condiments before plopping a Hot Dog, Kielbasa, Chorico or Linguiça thats been charred to perfection over a huge green egg shaped grill modeled after a kamado. Massive is an understatement. These dogs are huge, yet to my surprise, people were ordering two or three half pounders at once! Crazy!Question of the weekWhats your favorite type of link? Post a comment below.

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