Fracture That’s Creepy

Posted by WarnerBrosOnline on Aug. 24, 2009

On Blu-ray: . Academy Award® winner Anthony Hopkins and Academy Award® nominee Ryan Gosling are brilliant in this exceptionally suspenseful nail-biter (Rex Reed) thats so smart it doesnt let go, even after the final twist (Gene Shalit, Today). Ted Crawford (Hopkins) brutally murders his wife and calmly waits for the police to arrest him. With the weapon and a signed confession in hand, Deputy D.A., Willy Beachum (Gosling), believes a conviction is a slam dunk; that is until the case completely unravels. Now, with little evidence, Beachum goes head to head with the cunning Mr. Crawford in a desperate search for the truth and the answer to one burning question: How is this guy getting away with murder?

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