Fort Minor ft Juelz Santana - S.C.O.M

Posted by Kriss_Erik on Jul. 18, 2009

[Ryu] Ugh, Shinoda, thats right, Ryu Celph Titled, yeah, Demigodz Dipset, Juelz Santana And of course, Fort Minor Lets go Its like oh, ohhh, ohhhh F.M. D.E.M.I.G.O.D.Z. Its like oh, ohhh, ohhhh D.I.P.S.E.T. S.O.B. Gs [Ryu] I came from pumping 60K out the trunk switchblades Sticky stuff nicknames itchy braids bitch made Faggots my shits changed my cabbage is picked man Rollin twenties up like Snoop Doggy dogs crypt gang But Im out for the crown housin Im buckin em down Dousin and dunkin these fuckin punks in a bucket and bounce When I get up in the game beware Put a pimp on a hope and then say your prayers Got this ocean so damn potent player Put you on a throne like a broken chair You know its a move no crack for the gods and goons We back you talk about gats but dont actually use em But Im happy to do it because this is demigodz Celph Titled, Ryu with Tak, Apathy stupid [Juelz Santana] From bottom to top choppin them rocks Cockin the glock no more of that Now I j

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