Forgotten Keys II

Posted by TheGreatTopHat on Dec. 17, 2012

A well known, totally secret, gem of a game that came out in 1989 on the secret and amazing handheld console of... a console.Forgotten Keys II was the sky high budget follow-up after the insane and brutal success of Forgotten Keys I - Torque this, or torque off, Mr. Prime minister. In this game you get to travel trans America with your car, meet different people, do high speed car chases, different tasks, drive-by and bye, byes. The only problem is, that you have forgotten your keys. Do the crime or do the time! Credits- Created by - Dan Ottesen, Reid Per Fiskerstrand, Espen Mathisen Graphic and Animation by - Reid Per Fiskerstrand Music by - Espen Mathisen

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