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http-// 1) Syed Faisal Huda & Syed Faizal Huda are the Qualified Forensic Experts and rendering their services in this field. They are attached and working with legal advisors, counsels and solicitors of District courts, High courts and Supreme Court of India and provide them Forensic reports (U/S 45 IEA) and cross examination tips in the cases of Handwriting, Fingerprints, and medico legal consultancy in Forensic Ballistics, Forensic toxicology, Serology, Forensic Medicine DNA etc and cover all the areas of Forensic science in their relevant matters. They are always welcome to perform best services for every offer given to them by any of the lawyer, client and any of the agencies. 2. They provides expert consultancy and reports ( personal as well as court purpose ) to the MNC Companies for employment verification, property dealers/ owners for the verification of documents involved in sale purchase land, flats, shop etc, private and Government banks, LIC companies . 3. They are th

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