Forensic Loan Audit Helps Save A homeowner over $100,000.00

Posted by usloanauditors on Jul. 09, 2010

When Renee refinanced her home, to make some necessary repairs,she was put into a predatory loan that she couldn’t afford. Not knowingwhich way to turn, she finally received a letter from US Loan Auditors.After receiving it she called to find out her rights. Almost immediately aftermeeting with a Fraud Investigator 15 potential violations were discovered.Renee then moved forward with suing her bank with the assistance of herAttorney and My US Legal Services.Based off the violations discovered in her Loan Audit, Renee’s bank settledher lawsuit, put her in a fixed rate loan, gave her lower monthly paymentsand saved her over $100,000 over the life of her loan.Renee says she couldn’t be happier and that US Loan Auditors has savedher health and her home.

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