Fly Fishing Basics | Part 2

Posted by FlyFishingUK on Nov. 02, 2009

http://www.norfolkflyfishing.comFly Fishing Basics | Part 2In part 1 of this short fly fishing basics series, Tim Gaunt-Baker talked about the synergy between the rod and the line; the meaning of the markings on the rod as well as the double taper and weight forward lines. As a fly fishing beginner, the best line to start with is a weight forward line that matches your rod. Note, you must ensure you get a well balanced rod.In this, part 2 of Fly Fishing Basics, Tim demonstrates both the correct way and the incorrect way of performing the roll cast and the overhead cast, the two building blocks of fly fishing.For a more detailed, written explanation of the fly fishing basics tutorials, go to:

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