Florensia Easy Sea Leveling

Posted by Haunter923 on Oct. 26, 2009

Here a Way to level up your sea. and get rich lv1 stick with torpedo to atleast lv8 but switch to main at lv15 or just lv with main from the start with all your sea skill point save it up and just learn Song of War + Song of Union + Fog and charge explosive shot everythign else should be learn 1 book just to get the skill below. Max out the 4 skill i just listed dont even need to be max but it helps maintance ship * Lv 15 you can start hunting mob lv 30+ these mob in video are 28-32 currently lv15 sea. already got a lv31 boat! for myself! Hope this help if it does hook me up ingame thx!

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Tags battle, sea, online, mmorpg, ship, maintance, florensia

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