Five Years of the World Juggling Federation

Posted by the_WJF on Mar. 31, 2010

The World Juggling Federation was founded in 2000 out of a desire to expand public awareness of juggling as a sport. The goal was to produce juggling competition programming to air on a sports network. In 2004, the WJF secured their first five TV deals with ESPN and the shows aired in January of 2005. To produce these shows, WJF President and founder Jason Garfield began a global search for the worlds best jugglers and invited them all to compete. Jason Garfield had gained popularity in juggling since he entered the industry in 1986 at just 11 years old. Having accomplished the juggling of 10 balls, 10 rings and 7 clubs, Jason was well familiar with the highest level of juggling skill and wanted to raise the bar even further through competitions specifically designed for that purpose. In 2000, dissatisfied with the reputation that proceeded juggling wherever he went, Jason created plans for a venue that gave juggling the reputation he wanted it to be known for. Looking to the competition structure of gymnast

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