Five Things Not to Say During Labor and Delivery

Posted by dadlabs on Jun. 08, 2009

In this DadLabs video Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad discuss the five phrases Dads should never say in the labor and delivery room. These five phrases should be avoided at all cost during the birth of a baby. Starting with number 5, Is that normal? Never show fear in the delivery room, and always stay calm and collected with your pregnant wife. Number 4 is avoiding anything that involves my Mom says. While experiencing childbirth the last thing your wife wants to hear is any advise or anything to do with her mother-in-law. Number 3 is to ask, why is the birth in the metric system? Do the math yourself and keep irrellevant questions out of the birthing center. The number 2 things to avoid is saying Im not sure Im ready for this. Its too late to make that decision, and the most important thing is to be supportive during the child birth process. The final thing, and most important to remember is to avoid saying anything like toughen up and/or suck it up. Baby Delivery whether natural birth or ...

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