FISHING HOLIDAYS | Double Haul Casting

Posted by FlyFishingUK on Nov. 01, 2009

http://www.norfolkflyfishing.comfor fishing holidays or short breaks in the UKhttp://wwwfishingholidays.travelfor fishing holidays overseasFISHING HOLIDAYS | Double Haul CastingIn this video, Tim Gaunt-Baker ( talks to Paul Grothier ( after a fly fishing lesson where Tim successfully taught Paul the double haul cast. After some initial challenges, Paul mastered the correct technique of this cast. Tim says that it can often take two or three lessons to get it right but Paul picked it up very quickly. This particular lesson was held on grass rather than on the river as it is often easier to concentrate on your hands and on the line. Tim says that it is crucial to see the way your hands are working. As a fly fishing cast, the double haul creates more line speed so that you can get more distance. Paul was off to the Fraser River in Canada, fishing with a single-handed rod on one of his guided fishing holidays The double haul is the best ...

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