Feast or Famine - Tabloid Trash (music video)

Posted by TabloidTrash on Mar. 21, 2011

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Feast or Famine music video. Music by Tabloid Trash- KC Carabajal, bass guitar + driving; Whizzie Yazza, drums; Dougkcs, vocals and guitars Director- Dougkcs Cooeyate Camera- Dougkcs Cooeyate, Ender Kirin Storyboard- Dougkcs Cooeyate Extras- Flix Arthur, Ender Kirin, Tasha Tom, Shauney Yazzie, Shanoah Simpson Editing- Ender Kirin, Dougkcs Cooeyate Shot on location in Gallup, N.M. (May 2010) Based on a true story

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Tags famine, feast, fiction, gallup, metal, mexico, music, new, predictable, tabloid, trash, video

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