Posted by unclewooly on Aug. 12, 2009

This initiative is a realistic and organised way to get the message out about the toxic untested vaccine.By sending a fax to our authorities outlining the dangers of the vaccine, we stand a chance in educating the very peoplethat will be knocking on your do to have you forced vaccinated. Included in the letter is links to Jane Burgermeisters law suitagainst many government departments and companies involved in the attempt of mass murder in Austria.Many world leaders have financial interests in pharmaceutical companies. One example is Donald Rumsfeld and tamiflu.Please connect the dots and help save us from this tragedy. Look up vaccine deaths from the past.History tells us that their is nothing beneficial in injecting poison into our body.Visit Susan below and click on her links to educate yourself and others on the dangers of this vaccine.I am working with Max Igan and Grant who are spearheading the legal prosecution here in Australia,while I coordinate you in getting this fax to all that ...

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