Fat Guys Dancing! No Budget TV

Posted by iamcjthedj on Jan. 06, 2010

No Budget TV here with a video we actually filmed quite a while ago! C.J. decided to finally get around to edit it.Lazy Bastard... anyway.Enjoy Fat Guys Dancing!Dancing Music is by Nathan WillsSong Carnival (demo)http://www.youtube.com/paradigmaCheck out his other stuff! Hes got a bunch of music you can use in your videos! (Just make sure you give proper credit like we did!!)Metal music is by the band Punch CabbieCheck them out at http://www.myspace.com/punchcabbieSubscribe!http://www.nobudgettv.comhttp://www.youtube.com/nobudgettv1http://www.youtube.com/nobudgettvmusicFacebook!http://tinyurl.com/NBTVfacebookTwitter!http://twitter.com/nobudgettvshowThanks for watching and subscribing!

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