Fast & Furious: Best Short Films # 25

Bobby sucks at being a host. That's why he needs Derek D., host of Fast Lane Daily, to help show him the ropes. Check out this Fast & Furious -ly Car Themed episode!!!!!!!!! (or not) Films include: "King of the Road" Directed by Christopher Holmes: "Dead Tired" Directed by George Horne: "Wherever you go, that's where you'll be" Directed by Kyle Griffith, Marilea Isernia, Louis Lazaris: After you watch the show, you can view these films in their entirety at our blog post: Don't forget to leave me a voicemail: 646-274-4625. Join our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE here: Review the show and enter the competition to win a T-Shirt and be featured on the show! Also! Follow Bobby on twitter here: subscribe to his personal youtube page here: and follow his main page on tumblr here: