Fast Forward Tattoo- Jack Sparrow VS. Ash

Jack Sparrow- Pirates of The Carribean Ash- Army of Darkness Each tattoo took about 3 hours each and are ran side by side compressed into less than 3minutes. So yeah basically I have Bruce Campbell and Johnny Depp on my arms. Thanks for viewing. Pirates of Darkness Remix By Leatherface Video by Leatherface Tattoos by: Saxon Fast Forward Tattoo Concept: Sifu "Reality Ink" ABOUT THESE VIDEOS! 1) WHAT WE DO TO GIVE BACK TO OUR FANS: We subscribe to everyone who leaves a comment on our videos. Just our way of saying "thank you" and staying in touch. We also check out some of your videos and rate them as well. 2) WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT OFF THE HOOK TELEVISION: Make the world a better place by watching this video over and over again and by sharing it with everyone you know. If they do they same and the people they send it to do the same, everyone in the world will see this video. That would be such a good thing. Oh, and tell everyone to rate it even if they hate it. Oh