Fantasy Love

Posted by Jamarcus-Newton-423 on Feb. 22, 2013

J-water Fantasy Love My Biggest Fan is my Mirror Purchase this Track Today- https-// vote for me- http-// Lyrics (Chorus/Hook) Verse1- Girl you is my fantasy. Fairy tale princess. I can be yo Denzel and you can be my Pauletta. For ever we is winners. We go together. Like Freddy and William. I'm give you all my stones you can have my rosetta. Put it on a wedding band. Pop you a rubber band. Welcome to fantasy island. AKA wonderland. I'm call you Alice. You be going off with the head. Verse2- Let's hit the club and party. Juice, gin, and rum. Get lose, get silly. After party bedroom. She fuck me like she dumb. Sex game stupid. Me and you go together like Charile Brown and Snoop. Blow me like a clarinet you can be my Heroin. Save me from my loneness. Yo sex is my drug. Now come over girl so we can couple up. With a kiss and hug. Hope in the shower. Making love in the bathtub. (Chorus/Hook) Verse3- Sh

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