Fantasy Fest 2008 photos

Here are some fantasy fest 2008 photos, fresh from key west. Fantasy Fest is a party that nearly rivals Mardi Gras for sheer numbers of crazy drunk people partying and girls showing off their boobs for cheap plastic wares. In other words, its pretty freaking awesome. The event has escalated to a ten day celebration that includes balls, a parade, costume competitions, AIDS fundraisers, body painting, drag queen contests, costume parties, alcohol, and pet and neighborhood parades for the whole family. Except for the boobs part. Thats definitely just for your brother, your dad, and your creepy uncle. Whoever sells body paint in the American southeast must be a freaking millionaire. Just look at all these gloriously painted titties...some of these girls look like xxx Dr. Seuss characters. Hilarious, and sexy. Maybe you should mark Fantasy Fest down on your calendar for next year.