Fan Fiction - The Meth Minute 39

Posted by Frederator on May. 15, 2008

The fans take over the Meth Minute in episode 34. We asked you, the viewer to create and submit short cartoons of any MM39 character doing anything. Man, you guys are weird! Taped together by Dan Meth. Features work by : Kidney John Paine, Avi Tuchman, Jenn Steffey, Al Pardo, Dan Heyer, James Sugrue, Fabian Dores Pais, Dave Lebow, Dennis Mullin, Niko Anesti, Mitchell Wright, Nathan Malone, Rob Fay, Jordan Fickel, Demetrius Seger, Sergio Dominguez, Spencer, Marc Tyler, TR Remsen, Alan Kaufman Call our toll-free hotline: 1-866-575-1384 For more Meth Minute see:

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