Famousity! Movie Tamales! #156

Posted by Frederator on Dec. 02, 2008

Well, it's the week after Thanksgiving and here we are. Still Tryptophan'd out. So to boost post-turkey madness, we've got a pair of cinematic themed movies. First up, the Muks send us a What Now Sparkle Friends High Score about being famous. Then...it's time for the Butch Cassidy Film Festival with Skippy Spankerton. How will she get her monster to breathe fire? Of course, the Robot isn't paying much attention to these and is anxiously awaiting presents in a month. So to pacify him, can you call him and tell him what you're gonna get him: 888-414-8148 You can email him what you want to get him too: asktherobot@channelfrederator.com

Categories Pop Culture

Tags animation, entertainment, monsters, skippy, mukpuddy, spankerton, sparklefriends

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