Family Matters theme {PARODY} Big Fat Winslow Family

Posted by xris_smiles on Jul. 25, 2011

Parody to the Family Matters theme, this video answers what if the whole winslow family were fat.... Lyrics: Turn on that Air Condition Cause they gainin weight. Smellin dat Tea brew Or dat sweet Red Kool-aid. Spooks in the kitchen Cookin bread & swine Some people say That’s how they got their behinds. Well if you bring yo mamma’s stew They’re gonna eat it all. Cause all I see, is Pork Chop & Greens Soul food burst out of every scene. ~And Dat CHICKEN PIE We’re gonna fill our plates wit goodness ~FISH FRY Bake beans & slaw with every dish ~My Blood Pressure is HIGH Theres room for you There room for me, so Sit cha butt down & get you Something to eat. ~A STEAK RIBEYE It’s the Big Fat Winslow Family…..

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