Fall of Satan And Victory of the Church | Revelation 12

Posted by kerygma on Mar. 08, 2010

http-//kerygma-of-christ.org/revelationofjesuschrist12.html The logistics of Satan is to deceive and destroy everyone loyal to Jesus of Nazareth. He has in his arsenal the antichrist and the false prophet. Satan and a third of the heavenly host is cast into the earth. In the Last Day the earth is polluted with fallen angels. Fallen angels are loosed from the bottomless pit in Revelation 9. The Beast Abaddon is loosed from the bottomless pit. The earth will be overrun with those ghastly beast bent on destroying human life. The blood of Christ is our only protection against these beasts more mightily than all humankind. God cast these ghastly beasts into the earth to fulfill his determinate counsel to drive them into the lake of fire. The saints are at war against the unfruitful works of darkness. The saints are at war against the lust of the flesh; at war against false religious doctrine; at war against love of money and immorality. In this war we are more than conquers thru Christ Jesus. Jesus has given t

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