Fake Romney Supporter Pranks Fox News On Live TV

Posted by BloopZone on Sep. 18, 2012

Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson had to contend with a truly awkward moment Monday morning as she attempted to get through an interview with Max Rice, a man described as a recent college grad and former Obama supporter who is now switching his vote to Romney. Rice kicked things off by greeting Carlson, a former pageant queen, with a Hello, Miss USA. Carlson corrected him, letting Rice know that she had, in fact, been voted Miss America. Miss Universe in my book, he responded. Aw? As Carlson struggled to make it through the rest of the interview, asking Rice about switching his support from Obama to Romney, he revealed that hed lost a basketball to a friend who is a huge supporter of this show. Are you being serious about this interview or not? she asked him, before letting him know hes not ready for primetime and ending the segment.

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