FAIL DISNEY MICKEY Toy FUNNY Product Review by Mike Mozart of Je

Posted by 123neo on Jun. 20, 2009

FAIL Naughty Disney Mickey Mouse and Pluto Toy from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV Show, Program Toy OMG Reviewed by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. Those Good Folks at Walt Disney have approved ANOTHER inappropriate toy for Our Laughs and Merriment! The Rockin Bobbin Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy featuring Mickey Mouse and Pluto in the Most innuendo filled toy that Mike Mozart of Jeepers Media has Reviewed yet on You Tube. Pluto, Mickey Mouses Dog is featured in this new toy which is available at Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon Dot Com Etc. Pluto appears to be pointing at or grabbing for his crotch in repsonse to Mickeys Questions that are equally inappropriate! What were they thinking? Please watch my other Funny Walt Disney Toy videos on YouTube, especially the Rad Repeatin Tarzan and Vine Jammin Action Tarzan toys. Also dont miss the Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia toy Product Review of the Lollipop Lolly featuring the Little Mermaid!

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