Fail attempt of robbery in Tampa bay

This happened just a few blocks from my house. Good job by the owner. TAMPA -- Two men dressed as officers entered a Tampa jewelry store Friday and were met with a clerk who returned fire, apparently striking one of the men. Real Tampa Police officers are investigating the robbery attempt after two suspects seen on surveillance video robbed Marcelos Jewelry store on Columbus Drive just after 8 a.m. Officials said the suspects pulled up to the store in a 4-door green Saturn that was outfitted with a flashing light on the dashboard. As they stood at the door, the store owner, Marcelo Suarez, buzzed the men, thinking they were police officers. He immediately realized they werent police officers. One of the suspects pulled a handgun and jumped over a counter. Bullets and glass started flying as the second suspect flinched. The armed suspect jumped back over the counter and the men began to flee. One suspect appears to have been hit and can be seen falling to the ground, as the other suspect runs out of th