Facts that Rhyme

Posted by ryanmcdevitt on Oct. 07, 2011

these are just facts that i made up LYRICS 18% of parents will admit that they have a stripper for a daughter noodles are a lot like nipples because its hard to get them soft in cold water baldness was finally cured if you just get an injection every couple of days when they should be trying to cure more important stuff like cancer, and gays i dont need to read unless im deaf with a terminal disease cause where else is my source of imagination supposed to come from 1% of sodium chloride makes up the saltiness in your tears 100% of old people will be dead in the next 200 years mosquitos caused 200,000 people to catch a case of yellow fever 10 out of 10 boys will kill themselves when they find out that girl they like is justin beiber breathing underwater is impossible for a human 14% of americans will mistake harriet tubman for harry truman elephants cant jump and butterflies taste with their feet 3.33% of pro golfers cheat on their wives.. copyright ryanmcdevitt

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