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Posted by bristalron on Feb. 08, 2012

Funny Halloween Skeletons a Happy Halloween Ecard I painted on my face via skull face painting and skeleton body painting to share Halloween Faces Painted All Year Long. Funny Skeletons not what you had in mind for body art or skeleton body painting eh grin. LOL faces a skull and the necks a skeleton painting from live webcams via my free halloween shows of live face painting webcams. http-//www.facepaint.ws has my funny webcam, funny photos, funny videos and funny faces or even scary faces for scary face painting ideas for scary halloween costumes or just for fun. I have scary cats and dogs, monsters, funny cats, face paintings of cats, dogs, aliens, zombie body art or body paintings of zombies and even more funny stuff. Stupid people doing stupid stuff makes stupid videos but being stupid for halloween makes for funny costumes and funny makeup just for fun! grin. Happy Halloween All Year Long & Every Year. Hope to see you at the scary face painting shows for scary costumes you make up yourself with

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