Posted by RobFig77 on Jan. 17, 2013

http-//www.youtube.com/RobFig77 This video was not made to offend anybody! I just did the video to make people laugh! thats what we do here on youtube......so if I offended anyone...Im sorry in advance My other channels - http-//www.youtube.com/RobertFigueroaTV http-//www.youtube.com/RobFigRecords http-//www.youtube.com/RobFigProductions LIKE my fanpage -) - http-//www.facebook.com/RobFigRecords http-//www.facebook.com/RobFigueroaTV http-//www.facebook.com/RobFigProductions Follow me on Twitter - http-//www.twitter.com/RobFig77 Follow me on Keek - http-//www.keek.com/RobFig77 Follow ne on Tumblr - http-//robfig77.tumblr.com/

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