F-16 vs Bird

It is an instructor pilot in the rear and a student in the front seat of an F-16. A "Bird Strike," as seen through the Head Up Display (HUD). You can see the bird flash by just prior to impacting the engine. You can hear the aircraft voice warning system telling them they have a problem and referring to the "D-6 NL" which means there is no engine RPM. They made 2 attempts to relight the jet engine, but evidently there was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to get out. These guys were very cool; note the heavy breathing... they certainly flew longer than one would expect before ejecting. Airspeed can be observed on the HUD's upper left corner. It goes down to the low 120's as they struggle to get the engine going again, but as the plane noses over and dives to earth it increases to at least 175 just before impact. It just goes to show how quickly your day can go to pieces - 45 seconds from strike to ejection. All and all, not bad. They ran the emergency checklist, made two relight attempt