EyePet: Getting Your Hands Dirty With Cuteness

Posted by gamezombie on Feb. 09, 2010

GameZombie sits down with the cutest of upcoming games. Eyepet, a game where you use the EyeToy to raise and care for an imaginary pet. Watch as Erin English shows GameZombie how to interact with the little furry creature. Not only can you use your hands to play with your pet, but you can also utilize the card that comes with the game to scrub and wash your pet with. Look out for Eyepet as it hits the stores Fall 2010.Edited by Tyler ThompsonFilmed by Spencer Striker, Andrew Benninghoff, and Maxwell ZierathExecutive Creative Director: Andrew BenninghoffExecutive Producer: Spencer Striker

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Tags sony, playstation, gamezombie, eyepet

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