Extreme Suetallica Footage!!!

Posted by Moulton on Mar. 01, 2010

In this video you will see many different gigs mixed together, featuring some of the well known antics of Suetallica. From Gimp nipple groping to sickening silly string, Suetallica presents their Mock-Metal attitude to life with hits like Think About Me and Baby In A Mosh Pit. Also in this vid, the now famous Merkin Maker song by The Gimp can be found as well as the comical Strictly Obvious segment by Moulton himself. The Beanie man has his butt shacking moments and Luke's drumming is gold, as always! Suetallica- Vocals - Moulton Drums - Luke Bass - Beanie Man Guitar - The Gimp Vid by ZMoulton 2007 Please comment. You are subscribed for more of this stuff right?

Categories Pop Culture

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