Explore leveling Guide

Posted by Haunter923 on Oct. 26, 2009

This Build Works for All explore even dual guns 1. This Builds helps you level by killing monster 1 by 1 2. This Builds conserves you MP so u can keep killing NON-STOP Dual Gun User + Excavator Maybe fun to level but mobbing takes to long by the time u mob + kill youll have to sit down. this build you can probably kill all the monster with no down time. even if you get hit a few time keep doing it and your hp will regenerate as you travel to ur next monster. also MP consumption = low during battle you will actually earn about 150 MP per monster making ur mp grow which you can use to target range monster with ur strongest attacks and have them killed fast b4 they even hit you once. also this is a great way to make money sell your potion u collected !!! Donation to Sharp5hooter if this guide helps Took a lot of reset thanks -D Battle Details 1.Aimshot 2. Half way switch weapon use moving shot 3.switch back use aim 4. Dead.. -D Stats = my secert muauahah but pure str work if this helps donate mauahah -D but i n

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