Expatriate Health Insurance

Posted by frank009young on Oct. 28, 2009

Expatriate health insurance (Expat insurance). Dependable U.S.-style international health, medical insurance for expatriates (expats) worldwide. Better Business Bureau member.U.S.-Style Defined... 4 CriteriaWe define U.S.-Style International Insurance as meeting the following criteria:1. USA Dollar($) Denominated: All rates and benefits are quoted in U.S. dollars.2. USA Administered: The insurance is administered from within the United States.3. USA Terminology: Contract wording is similar to U.S. domestic insurance plans.*4. Legal In Your State: The insurer is registered in your home state (*a key feature for expatriates, more below.)Top Four Powerful Benefits of U.S.-StyleWe believe U.S.-Style international insurance is your best choice. Heres why.Expatriate, expat health insurance, USA-style. Convenience: The U.S. dollar is spoken and accepted worldwide.Expatriate health insurance, expat insurance communication Communication: Communication to and from the USA (via postal mail, e

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