Exclusive interview with THE 45 KING - producer for Eminem, Jay

Posted by jackyjasper on Oct. 30, 2009

It was my pleasure to speak with legendary Hip Hop icon: The 45 King. We conversed about many other ground-breaking Hip-Hop artists which The 45 King made HITS for including Queen Latifah and Kurtis Blow.If youre interested (I was) to learn how one of Hip Hops premiere artists came up with the name The 45 King, I encourage all my readers to check this interview. Not only will you learn about the background of his stage name, but hell also share with you his experiences while working with New Kids On The Block as well as Pops diva Madonna.This legend has worked with countless major artists in the music business. Who do you think produced Eminems hit record Stan?. Todays episode The Music Man .

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