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Posted by sinetr on Mar. 19, 2014

Excision - Trailer video HD 2014 http-//www.dizigidi.com Tickets and tour dates @ Flavorus CLICK HERE TO READ MORE! There is truly no sleep for the wicked, as Canadian Dubstep pioneer . Life sucks when you're seventeen. Alienated teen Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) struggles with the pressures of fitting into high school, pleasing her parents an. DESTROID—THE INVASION OUT NOW iTUNES- BEATPORT- Tickets and tour dates @ The Excisi. Here's a recap for those who missed this epic weekend at the Shrine in Los Angeles. A crazy vibe in a packed venue! L.A - you are #DIRTY and we love you!! --. Excision 2014 Tour Lincoln Theater Raleigh,NC. enmiamiayer ..Follow my Instagram for more pics of the event Watch the other videos. Any help with ID tracks would be wonderful. ROUND 2. It was so insane, that we had to go a second time! -D March 15, 2014. Tickets @ The Excision Fan Club Excision will be joined by a massive arsenal of PK's new next level 18 subwoofers th. Knoxville, Tn March 5, 2k14 Such a live night downtown knox!!! Excision killed it like always ? Executioner Tour 2014 1/24/14 @ Seattle Paramount Theater Front Row, siick Visuals 150000 watts pk sound ! Destriod 11, new track Get Stupid this is suc. Tabernacle 2014 excision Xrated look for the Trex. Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 11. Get Stupid Get Stupid on iTunes- Get Stupid on Beatport- Ge. Knoxville, Tn March 5, 2014 Old City Court Yard. Knoxville, TN ??? Friday night. 150000 watts of bass was so insane! March 14, 2014. via YouTube Capture. That's dust falling from the roof. Much Bass! Off the chain!! The ceiling was literally coming down, the sound was that loud!!! Amazing!!! X Rated (Space Laces Remix) Datsik makes the ceiling collapse in chicago!!!! Get tickets for the Excision Tour- Buy Excision's album X Rated on Itunes @ .

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