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Posted by gotghost on Jun. 26, 2009

ok. this is going to be interesting. well. i just went on this ghost hunt last saturday. the studio had some hauntings going on. like. a room being locked. you cant get in. without a key. we heard loud knocking noises. that made me jump out of my skin. cuz these bands who was their in that studio room, they left 2 hours ago. lets say at 7-30pm. and we heard real loud knocking noises at 9-30pm. i ran into davids little studio room. cuz that scared me. so i looked outside. their was no one out their. and the other door outside was locked as well. and the light was dark. so what i did was i place an evp to that door where we heard that loud ass knock at. and we caught something in it. it sounded like a brush noise. or a spirit movement thru the door.

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