Evolution Of Slipknot Masks

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Oct. 05, 2009

eyes and say I'm wrong Now theres only emptiness Venomous, Insipid I think we're done - I'm not the only one! [Chorus] THE LIMIT'S OF THE DEAD! Fake Anti-Fascist lie I tried to tell you but Your purple hearts are giving out Can't stop a killing idea If it's hunting season Is this what you want? I'm not the only one! [Chorus] The limit's of the dead!!! The limits of the dead... ... Slipknot Psychosocial All Hope Is gone Sid Joey Paul Chris James Craig Clown Mick Corey Roadrunner Records 2008 ...

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Tags 2008, aim, chris, clown, corey, craig, gone, hope, james, joey, metal, mick, paul, psychosocial, records, roadrunner, shoot, sid, slipknot, sports videos

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