Every Day Im Shufflin

Posted by DevastationOfficial on Dec. 15, 2011

PremonitionUKs Melbourne Shuffle Movie 2011. We decided to use a variety of venues for each clip and due to other problems not all the dancers could make clips including Exist and Dewitt,. However they are now in the group. Thanks to benny for producing the first track. Dancers In Video- Jez, QuinnyPOO, Infamouz, SuperNash, ConseQuence, Ironiikkzz, Inverse, Smythie SUBSCRIBE US WE NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET RIGHT NOW SEND AROUND TO YOUR MOTHERS MOTHERS BROTHERS SISTERS COUSINS FRIEND WHO WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH BARRACK OBAMA AND SHANE DAWSON We may be having a few changes soon to look out for. Please Comment, Like/Dislike, Favourite Tracklist- 1. Thomas The Tank Engine - Official Theme Song (Benny Lew Hard Tech Remix) 2. Revealed On 4,000 Views 3. David Rust - Prototech (KloneZ Remix) 4. Mike Steventon vs. Sid E Fect - Got Power 5. Showtek - Brain Cracking (Original Mix) 6. Kidd Kaos ft. Sid E Fect - I Found Music 7. Blademasters vs. Linkin Park and Jay Z - In The End 8. Alex Kidd and Kidd Kaos -

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