Everlasting by Iris Johansen

Posted by BBCAA on May. 05, 2009

Formidable, seductive, handsome to the point of dangerous, Zack Damon didnt suffer fools gladly, but Kira Rubinoff was no ones fool. Knowing shed have only one chance to enlist his help, Kira plotted her approach carefully. In this day and age, even a bona fide princess had to be more than just a pretty face. But from the moment of their first encounter at his mountaintop lodge, Kiras well-laid plans--and her life--were turned inside out. Format: 5 CD Audiobook Length: 5 Hr 00 Min ISBN-13: 978-1-60283-627-3 On Sale: May 12, 2009 Price: $19.95

Categories Pop Culture

Tags romance, brazil, iris, bbc, johansen, audiobooks, angela

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