Episode 62 - Bat Speed? - The Fastpitch Softball TV Show

This week we test the fact that a lighter bat gives more bat speed than a heavy bat, and what does that mean . Dr Russells website is http://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/bats.html.The Fastpitch TV Show is sponsored by Easton Sports.Feel free to email questions for future shows to FastpitchTV@gmail.com.You may also leave questions, or comments on our call in line817-522-4122.Visit the Fastpitch TV Shows website atwww.Fastpitch.TVDont forget to check out our other softball websites SoftballPodcasts.com FastpitchWiki.com Fastpitch.US FastpitchChat.com FastpitchDrills.com FastpitchSearch.com