Episode 15 - All By Myself - Season 2 - Idiot and the Scorpion

Posted by TravisJGordon on Sep. 07, 2012

http-//www.idiotandthescorpion.com The Great Scorpion, the sinister leader of Scorpion Force is revealed and is determined to accomplish two things- World domination and getting laid. Max Damage the idiotic but good-hearted secret agent, now teamed with a new partner Ken Smooth must save the world from Scorpion Forces newest and most diabolical scheme to date- a stupidity ray, that once fired from a satellite in space, renders whatever it hits completely stupid. To make matters even worse, Maxs girlfriend Trixie has been kidnapped by the sex crazed Great Scorpion and is being forced to marry him in a rather bizarre wedding where the best man is a blue-haired wheelchair bound dominatrix assassin. Saving the world is not going to be easy, they must get by crazy armed guards, Recyclabot, an evil robot that will stand littering from no man, and The Temptress, the sultry assassin that is in charge of a squad of scantily clad women known as the Lacy Legion. Max will get a little help from his boss Mr. Z, his frie

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